school on suborbital flight 2023, Taranto, Italy


During the last years, the space sector is going through a new period of development and is attracting worldwide the attention of public and private investors looking for new sources of economic growth and innovation. In fact, today we may talk of “Space Economy”, which refers to all the activities dedicated to exploration, research, management and exploitation of space resources to create value and improve the quality of life of human beings. A wide range of R&D an commercial activities can be envisaged, related to the technological development of infrastructures such as satellite production, launch services, ground stations, and exploration, as well as the introduction of services including satellite communications, Earth observation, navigation services, and space tourism. In this framework, one of the main topics of interest, and competition, for many private companies is the development of modern spacecraft and launch systems, for which several technological challenges have to be tackled. One of these challenges is related to the development of efficient, safe, flexible, and responsive space and suborbital transport systems, merging deep investigation of technical issues with regulation and security aspects of suborbital flight, which need to be also addressed. The School on Suborbital Flight in Taranto aims at fostering development in this field by providing an overview of the scientific, commercial, operational, and regulatory aspects of suborbital flight through seminars and panels by experts, institutional representatives and companies in the sector. The School is aimed at doctoral students, researchers and young professionals working in the areas of Suborbital Flight and, in general, Space Economy. .



September 11 – 15, 2023



Taranto Castello Aragonese

“Sala Conferenze” at Castello Aragonese in Taranto.

Piazza Castello C/O Ponte girevole – 74123 Taranto (TA), Italy